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Welding machines “Chaika”.

The history of welding machines “Chaika” has more than 15 years. During this time a several generations of welding machines was developed, which showed excellent operational characteristics and high reliability.

Today we offer the machine of new generation, designed for the European consumers, which combined the advantages of previous versions and the newest developments.

Welding machine “Chaika” features

“Relema” on “TECH INDUSTRY 2017”  in Riga 

The main advantages of the Flash-Butt Welding machine “FBWM-60”:

  • Step-by-step instructions on display gives the opportunity to start working operator with a minimum qualification;
  • Intuitive control by one joystick;
  • All parameters of the welding conditions sets the controller (including the upsetting force). Thus it need just a seconds to go to welding of another type of the saw, selecting from the memory one of the 50 preset conditions of welding and heat treatment;
  • Microprocessor control system stabilizes the heating power during upsetting, evaluates the quality of each weld by measuring the welding voltage and the actual value of upsetting, which are shown on the display;
  • “Smart” clamps provide the clamping force of the band proportional to its thickness and full opening after each welding for cleaning the electrodes without their dismounting;

Technical characteristics:

Property Index
Supply voltage, AC, V 400
Power, kVA 7,5
Stabilization of heat input available
Width of welded bands, mm 3 – 60
Thickness of welded bands, mm 0,4 – 1,6
Productivity, welds/hour 30 – 40
Welding time, sec 0,5 – 5,5
Welding voltage, V 2,8 – 3,4
Positioning accuracy, mm 0,01
Upsetting force, N up to 1150
Water cooling system autonomous
Overall dimensions, mm 500×410×370
Weight, kg 83

More benefits:

  • Easy and simple adjustment of equal heating across the width of the saw due to the setting the value of the band thickness on the adjustment scale of the clamp;
  • Automatic two-stage heat treatment with smooth heating and cooling, controlled by pyrometer, guarantees high quality of the welded seam;
  • Water cooling system provides the work with high productivity;
  • Multilingual user interface allows you to use the machine in different countries;
  • Online monitoring allows to control the parameters of the welding machine and the work of the welding shop via the


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