Composite armature (rebar)

Composite fiberglass armature reinforcement (rebar): price and other characteristics.

The main advantages of composite materials are: high strength and the ability to use them in unfavorable weather conditions; they have great physical and mechanical properties even at low material densities. In addition, polymeric materials are lighter than traditional, they are easy to transport and install.

The composite is resistant to chemical substances; the atmospheric influence also does not affect it. Composite material is resistant to sudden temperature changes; it can be used effectively in unfavorable weather conditions. This material is completely environment-friendly and meets all environmental requirements.

Composite-glass fiber armature (rebar)

Main properties of composite-glass fiber reinforcement:

  • Its tensile strength is 3 times greater in comparison with A-III class steel reinforcement: tensile strength of metal reinforcement – 360-390 MPa, composite – ≥ 1000 MPa;
  • It is completely non-corrosive, resistant to alkaline concrete environment;
  • It is resistant to chemical substances (salts and sulfuric acid, sea water and ammonia water);
  • Composite reinforcement has high elastic properties;
  • It is durable: composite reinforcement has a period of duty of over 100 years;
  • Its coefficient of thermal expansion is the same as concrete coefficient, which prevents cracks from forming during temperature changes;
  • It has very low thermal conductivity – 100 times smaller than conductivity of steel;
  • It is resistant to low temperature: operating temperature range is from -70 to +150 ᵒC;
  • Composite reinforcement is dielectric, it is permeable to radio waves;
  • It is magnetically inert, does not change its properties due to the influence of electromagnetic fields;
  • It is 5 times lighter than the metal reinforcement, and 9 times lighter, if we compare the reinforcements with the same strength;
  • Composite reinforcements are manufactured at any length according to the requirements of the project or the customer, which reduces the amount of waste and, at the same time, the cost of construction;
  • Because of its low weight and possibility to roll into a tube, its delivery costs are minimal.

Due to its properties, the use of composite reinforcement in construction significantly reduces the final cost of a building and reduces the cost of repairing existing buildings.

The fields of application of composite-glass fiber reinforcement (armature):

  • Bases of various buildings and constructions;
  • Reinforcement of concrete, polymer concrete, asphalt concrete and masonry structures and elements;
  • Strengthening of various primers;
  • Repair and strengthening of masonry and ferroconcrete structures;
  • Reinforcement of concrete tanks, treatment plants, chemical industry facility elements;
  • Hydrotechnical constructions – sewerage, reclamation and drainage;
  • As flexible joints for masonry walls, which consist of 3 layers: base layer, solid insulation and decoration layer;
  • As anchors for fixing external thermal insulation of walls;
  • Can also be used for quays, ponds, rivers, shores strengthening;
  • Marine and port structures;
  • Improvement of pavement and fence.

Comparative characteristics of steel and composite armature (rebar):

Index Metal reinforcement А-lll (S-400) Composite-glass fiber reinforcement
Material steel BSt420S glass fiber strands bonded with thermo active polymers
Ultimate tensile strength, MPa 360-390 ≥ 1000
Modulus of elasticity in tension, МPa 200000 42000
Thermal conductivity coefficient, W/mK 46 0,35
Linear expansion coefficient, 10-6/ᵒС 13-15 9-12
Relative elongation at fracture, % 14 2,2
Density, t/m3 7,85 1,9
Corrosion resistance rusts does not rust
Thermal conductivity conducts heat does not conduct heat
Electrical conductivity conducts electricity does not conduct electricity – dielectric
Ecological compatibility environment-friendly environment-friendly
Durability according to standards not less than 100 years
Conformity of reinforcement in accordance with physical and mechanical properties Ø6 А-lll Ø4
Ø8 А- III Ø6
Ø10, 12 А- III Ø8
Ø14 А- III 10
Ø16 А- III 12
Ø18 А- III 14
Ø20 А- III 16

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Composite-glass fiber armature (rebar)

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